maggio 10, 2018

Regenesi 10-year anniversary - logo update

Since 2008, the brand has dedicated itself to the creation of fashion accessories, bags and design furnishings, working exclusively with post-consumer materials. Its focus is on crafting beautiful objects through advanced production processes. For its 10-year anniversary, Regenesi concludes its evolutionary journey with a mini rebrand and logo refresh, reinvigorating its reach into the world of fashion.


Somewhat precociously, in May 2008, Maria Silvia Pazzi felt convinced that the day would soon come when post-consumer products – or, products crafted from the remnants of discarded consumer goods – would be an essential, not just a curiosity. Dedicating herself to the consumer of the future, she founded her company Regenesi. She chose a name that would represent the vocation of the company, symbolizing the regeneration and rejuvenation of the raw materials.


Since then, entire product lines have been crafted, designed by some of the world’s leading creative minds – designers of international fame. The entire offering is completely Made in Italy, fruit of a virtuous and sustainable production cycle which re-elaborates and re-generates the original beauty of materials which were otherwise destined for scrap.


Based in Bologna, Italy, Regenesi has grown over the years to be one of Italy’s leaders in the “Circular Economy”, outshining even the advanced brands hailing from the northern parts of Europe. This trajectory has seen Regenesi invited to all manner of conferences and events dedicated to sustainability and environmental concerns, such as the G7 event in Bologna in 2017, at the #All4TheGreen, where Maris Silvia participated as a guest expert, highlighting some of the themes, challenges and rewards that this particular kind of business model involves.


In November 2017, Regenesi was selected as one of the finalists in the Fashion Innovation Award, promoted by the NetComm Suisse e-Commerce Association in Ticino and, at the same time, was also selected as one of the 100 most notable Italian firms within the “new model of business and society” as identified by Enel and Fondazione Symbola Foundation in their study entitled “100 Italian Circular Economy Stories”.


Today, after much trailblazing, Regenesi feels that finally the market is ready for the added valueof its products and hence has embarked upon a new strategy to promote its brand positioning and communicative approach, based on a blended brand proposition by turns emotional and informative. The scope is to tell new stories, consolidating its brand presence within the fashion segment through developing new lines of bags, jewelry, and small leather goods for the upper reaches of the market. Through partnerships with other high-end brands, such as those with Dainese and Lamborghini, Regenesi aims to leverage its knowledge and experience to help others enter this virgin territory of the sustainable economy.


To celebrate its ten-year anniversary and to underline its revamped sense of glamour, Maris Silvia Pazzi embarked upon a mini-rebrand and logo refresh; one consonant with the sophisticated brand ethos Regenesi has come to evoke; aligning elegance with innovation and, above all, sustainability. With the support of ELS Agency, an international communications firm based in London and Milan, the most recent steps of the journey have been to develop the brand in a spirit of evolution, not revolution, capturing the visual motifs of Regenesi as well as its color palette and updating them for the new challenges ahead. The new butterfly logo builds upon its predecessor, with a new and more delicate line and a timeless, but modern styling appropriate for the new website and e-Commerce sites which will go live this month.


The new Regenesi offers style with a special, extra ingredient: love and attention towards the environment and the future for us all.