maggio 24, 2018

Regenesi celebrates 10 with new website and logo

Since 2008, Regenesi has been dedicated to creating Made in Italy fashion accessories and interior design objects, all fully sustainable, made from post-consumer materials using state of the art processes. On its tenth birthday, the company is embarking on a new stage in its evolution, starting with branding and reflected in production, and is dedicating itself to the world of fashion.


In May 2008, in an immature market, Maria Silvia Pazzi was already aware and convinced that the society of consumption and waste could bring about something beautiful and useful, a must for the future consumer. And so Regenesi was founded, its name straightaway pronouncing its vocation to create new objects by regenerating post-consumer materials.

Full product lines from internationally renowned designers took shape, the result of a virtuous circle of sustainable production which reworks and restores beauty to materials destined for the shredder.


Over the years Regenesi, which is based in Bologna, has established itself as one of the new Made in Italy successes in the circular economy, setting the precedent even beyond the Alps. They are receiving more and more invitations to participate and tell their story at international conferences such as the G7 Environment, which took place in June 2017 in Bologna, part of a calendar of events entitled #All4TheGreen. Here Maria Silvia Pazzi helped turn the focus toward the values that have always propelled her company’s philosophy, making herself the spokesperson for an environmental, economic and cultural revolution. In March, she was among the candidates selected for the Fashion Innovation Award promoted by Netcomm Suisse in Lugano, and around the same time was included in the 100 Italian companies spearheading a new economic and social model, alongside other prestigious names, in the study “100 Italian Circular Economy Stories” promoted by Enel and the Symbola Foundation.


Today Regenesi believe that the market is finally ready to recognise the added value of its products and has a strategy to evolve its positioning and communication style. All the conditions are now in place to convey not just information, but emotion, to go further in telling new stories, consolidating their presence in the fashion sector by developing lines in bags, jewellery and small leather goods for the luxury end of the market. To do so, they are forming synergistic partnerships, as they did with Dainese and Lamborghini, to share their wealth of knowledge and experience in this still little known and under-explored field with other world famous Italian brands.


To celebrate Regenesi’s ten-year anniversary and highlight their move into glamour, where elegance and innovation intersect to create contemporary, sophisticated and above all sustainable fashion, Maria Silvia Pazzi had the idea of redesigning their logo and online presence.

Working with ELS Agency, who have taken on the task of developing this new path, they aimed to create a brand and site that would be a natural evolution of the previous one. For the new logo, the point of continuity is the magenta detail in the pictogram which lends a touch of colour and uniqueness and highlights the butterfly feature which is the symbol of transformation and regeneration into beauty. The result is a logo that is subtle, refined and simple.

It is in perfect alignment with the look and feel of the new website completely redesigned to a new aesthetic whose elegant simplicity reflects and summarises the brand’s philosophy and which has been redesigned to be more client friendly. In particular, the upgraded online store is extremely intuitive and guarantees client data protection.

They have also increased their social media presence to meet the demands of a community which is increasingly open to the avant-garde vision of Maria Silvia Pazzi, who was one of the first Italian businesswomen to work in the circular economy and is the owner of one of the first brands to focus on personalised products as a means of expressing one’s own style.

A new Regenesi, forward thinking in its DNA, and now more than ever, aimed at setting the trend, plus a little something extra: care for the environment and the future of everyone.


Regenesi, beauty is sustainable.

This is Regenesi, a company which since 2008 has dedicated itself to regenerating post-consumer materials into objects and fashion accessories, with innovative designs that are 100% sustainable. Founded in May 2008, the idea of entrepreneur Maria Silvia Pazzi, the company is now a Made in Italy success story in the manufacture of fashion accessories and design objects for the home, which are made entirely from industrial waste materials and given new life by Regenesi. They offer product lines by international designers, based on a virtuous production circle that transforms waste into beauty, combining style, functionality and sustainable design. Based in Bologna, Regenesi sells its products through its online store and through a select network of stores worldwide.


For more information: M&CSAATCHI PR T.      +390236748275

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