marzo 16, 2018

Made in Italy luxury with post consumer materials

The italian company which from a "waste" gives birth to a perfect marriage between sustainability, beauty and unique style.

“We turn waste products into things of beauty because there is no contradiction between being functional, eco-compatible and beauty.  We believe that something fine and useful can be gleaned from the consumer society and from wastage”.

In other words, how do you turn 100 cans into a very elegant plate or how do you fold regenerated leather like origami to produce a tasteful basket for waste paper and create little pieces of poetry, of beauty, style and practicality, out of every sort of scrap and waste. These objects of desire represent a new idea of luxury illuminated by a compatible vision of sustainable beauty. 

This is Regenesi, a company born in 2008 from the intuition and passion of Maria Silvia Pazzi, that designs, manufactures and markets original design products - with a high reputation for quality – produced from post-consumer recycled materials.

The intention is to promote a new lifestyle. Every single object, carefully handmade by skilled Italian craftmen, is produced to live Fashion and Design with full respect for man and the environment. A wide range accessories for everyday life, from Home to Office to care for your own person: furnishings, objects for the work up to fashion accessories. Collections created by the best-known International designers, such as Matali Crasset, Marco Ferreri, Giulio Iacchetti, Setsu e Shinobu Ito, Denis Santachiara, Kaisli Kiuru, Annalisa Caricato and Regenesi’s design Factory too, a group of up-and-coming young designers from the most prestigious fashion and design schools in Italy.

Certified REMADE IN ITALY, a certification scheme specifically aimed for recycling, Regenesi has already landed overseas, arousing interest and admiration from the New York Times to Pompidou in Paris, in Brazil as in Shanghai, where it exhibited its products at the Italian Expo pavilion inside  an exhibition curated by the Triennale of Milan.


The collections are constantly changing, but always with that component of regeneration and innovation that allows to treat the waste as raw materials with endless quality and from which also born collections with prestigious brands such as Lamborghini and Dainese, reusing scraps of cars and riders' suits of MotoGP.


Even the sales channel points to sustainability, relying exclusively on e-shop Regenesi sells worldwide, handbags, jewelry, and leather design objects with a folding technique reminiscent of origami, everything reclycled and recyclable after use. But not only. it's also focused on product functionality, an element to be reckoned in the creation of design objects!