Circular economy

Ever more important in the eyes of customers, partners and authorities, Corporate Social Responsibility demonstrates the commitment of companies to both the environment and social themes. Part of CSR, circular economy projects, in addition to having a positive impact on the company's image, also bring other tangible benefits, such as reduced waste management and waste disposal costs; improvement of qualitative / quantitative performance for obtaining and maintaining the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification; access to regional incentives provided for implementing circular economy policies and many others.

Circular Economy projects follow a 3-step process:
Phase 1 - Materials analysis and definition of potential applications
Output: evaluation of the feasibility of reuse of waste for the production of new products or identification of other external stakeholders.
Phase 2 - Definition of products and their industrialization
Output: realization of prototypes and identification of production costs.
Phase 3 - Product realization
Output: identification of the production chain and production of products, including packaging consistent with the identity of the project.



Case study

Mandarina Duck is an Italian fashion brand known for its colorful suitcases and travel accessories.


Our client was closing down a warehouse, an activity that would have involved disposing of large volumes of materials, including leather, fabric and metal. Mandarina Duck instead reached out to Regenesi to turn the problem of waste disposal costs into real value.


Regenesi’s role

During this consultancy project, Regenesi analyzed the stock of raw materials that were destined for landfill. We then worked on a proposal collection of fashion, travel and leisure accessories, selecting the materials and creating designs that are both 100% sustainable and 100% made in Italy.


Value for Mandarina Duck
Beyond reducing waste costs and lessening the company’s footprint on the planet, Mandarina Duck has benefitted from a boost to its reputation.
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