N. 10 | how to integrate it into the core business

January 16, 2018

N. 10 | how to integrate it into the core business

Italian companies are increasingly investing in circular economy and investing in a sustainable business model can be a winning choice also in terms of business-related activities; this is the reason way 50% of Italian companies is equipped with a policy concerning sustainability.

But what does integrating sustainability into the core business really means?

On one side a lot of companies are able to reap the benefits that the adoption of a business model based on circular economy would bring over the entire value chain, but on the other side a lot of them don’t know what does integrating sustainability into the core business really means. Let’s get clear
Integrating sustainability in a company business plan means, above all, having the courage to experiment innovative solutions and don’t be afraid to change answering to the input coming from the society and from the environment in which the company works. It means redefining the internal business strategy. But, more precisely, integrating sustainability means:
Eco-innovation of products, which is rethinking to their design in order to make them more easily repairable, recyclable and reusable. This step includes also the simplification of their dismantling
Recovering industrial waste and doing waste management activities
Production of energy from alternative sources 
Efficiency of production processes that doesn’t mean only doing more with less but also investments in the improvement of your own performance event if they don’t have immediate results.
Optimizing logistics thinking alternative mode of transport and choosing sustainable packaging for the products

Well, circular economy, as all the winning choices requires courage!