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N. 12 | focus on SDGs 12 and 13

March 15, 2018

N. 12 | focus on SDGs 12 and 13

As we have already seen, circular economy in an integral part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals included in the 2030 Agenda and it involves directly some of the SGDs.
We have already analyzed the Goal n. 9 and 11 and today we will focus on SDGs 12 and 13.
The objective of Sustainable Goal n. 12 aims at “ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns”
On one side this Goal want to underline the fact that the global population is now consuming more resources than those that the planet is able to generate and provide, on the other side it aims at finding innovative solutions involving production and consumption patterns. It’s a binary Goal that on one hand encourages enterprises to implement sustainable methods through waste management, reduction and recycle ,ecological management of chemical products or through the promotion of sustainable public procurements and, on the other hand,it asks consumers to reduce waste, purchase in a responsible way and to pay attention to the origin and the composition of what the buy.
Objective of the Goal n.13 is instead “taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.”
It’s an action plan for climate defined to face global warming problem, to protect ecosystems and to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. The same Goal asks the countries to include environmental protection measures in their national policy and to build an intergovernmental forum in order to give a global answer to the climate changes and its impacts.
In shorts it means adopting circular economy at every level!