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N. 5 | When Co-branding increases sustainability

August 11, 2017

N. 5 | When Co-branding increases sustainability

What do circular economy and co-branding have in common?…Sustainability!
We have already spoken about the importance of sustainability implementation for a company business model. We repeatedly said that sustainability is no more a choice for companies but a strategic priority prompted by market needs and not only by the environment.
Now let’s see how can companies integrate sustainability into their business plan.
Co-branding, an association of brands and companies acting in cooperation,  represents a sound strategy not only to introduce sustainability into a company business plan but also to communicate most effectively the innovative values that enrich the brand image.
Dainese, a famous company  that uses new technology to create protective gear and clothing for motorbike and Regenesi, the first company in the design and fashion industry to invest 100% in the concept of sustainability realized a project of this nature. The cooperation between these two brands led to a collection of regene’rated accessories made from MotoGP riders suits.
This kind of partnership meant, not only the industrial waste recovery of Dainese but also the realization of products that tell the story of the company giving it visibility as a green company! Moreover, this project widened the supply of products of Dainese and it created a significant value for Dainese brand image. Regenesi realized this kind of projects also with Lamborghini creating luxury accessory made from the prestigious brand industrial waste
In both cases, the fusion between the two philosophies led to the creation of unique and irreplaceable products but it was also able to give an eco-sustainable answer to the costumers who are always more informed about the sustainability of companies  and their products.
A winning project reminding us that there’s strength in numbers and that circular economy goes also through partnership!