N. 46 | What parasites do you have? Summer reflections for an ecology of relationships

August 08, 2022

N. 46 | What parasites do you have?  Summer reflections for an ecology of relationships

The degradation of corporate life and environmental degradation have at least one key in common: when the set of relationships between living beings, be they persons, organisms, populations or communities, deteriorates, the system tends to degenerate.
Not only the quantity but also the quality of the relationships we establish, often unconsciously, has a considerable impact on the functioning of the system as a whole.

In parasitology, the relationships between different living species (e.g. animals and plants) are studied. The relationship can be symbiotic (both species benefit from the relationship), commensalism (one benefits, the other does not) or parasitic (one benefits at the expense of the other). Inside and outside our organisations, we can re-read our relationships with colleagues, suppliers, customers in this key. Where do we generate value? Conversely, where do we destroy it by wasting resources, time and learning nothing? If our relationships are clogged with toxic relationships we will have further obstacles to evolving

The current transitions in which companies are being asked to rethink their way of working by incorporating sustainability issues (i.e. simultaneously respecting environmental, social and economic sustainability logics) and the digitisation of their processes require us to question our system of relationships as it has been structured over the years.

We at Regenesi aim to develop a symbiotic relationship with each partner: knowing that a genuine desire to collaborate and build value requires a good dose of corporate entomology!

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