September 28, 2017

Luxury and sustainability made in Italy

Reached over 13 thousand euros of funds in order to launch the production of the bag made of regenerated leather, to throw it on the market and to share the challenge with the community.

56.8 million euros with a success rate of 30%. These are the encouraging data of the crowdfunding, to which many Italian companies and projects have trust in, for the purpose of realizing ideas and products. And what about a project with the aim of transforming waste into fashion and design objects and accessories? In this case, the idea belongs to Regenesi, a Made in Italy company that produces collections with post consumer materials and industrial waste, who has launched a crowdfunding plan with the platform Kickstarter, in january 2016 collecting more than its target goal of 13.000 Euros A very successfull project that keeps attracting so much interest from people around the world, that Regenesi induces to continues the campaign with a pre order opportunity. Until 21st of march the File Bag is still at the same price of the crowdfunding campaign and can be ordered on the Regenesi site.

The fund-raising’s goal was to start production, to launch the product on the market, but above all to share the challenge with all the people who wish to participate, by involving them with thoughts, opinions and new ideas that maybe, could make the bag even more innovative. "The choice of Kickstarter - explained Maria Silvia Pazzi, CEO Regenesi - is in line with our international outlook and with the characteristics of research and trend, typical of an instrument so innovative and social, i.e. that can allow everyone to take part of the project.”
File Bag is a bag with an unmistakable luxury that suits any outfit, occasion and even mood.

Everything in one bag, with the possibility to change whenever you want.
File Bag is this, 9 bags in a single one, a long life cycle and a will to transform itself replacing flaps and shoulder straps, mixing variations, patterns and combinations, without losing sight of the sustainable side of its essence: scraps of real leather from vegetable tanning, chestnut flour for staining, latex extracted from rubber plants for the softness, water, salts and fats. Designed by Annalisa Caricato, File Bag is available in three mini-ranges that enclose the fantasies and concepts of the flaps: classic, design and fantasy. File Bag is an unique bag full of stories, like the one of every woman. Versatile, multishapes, original and always different. 3 proposals of shoulder belt and 9 of flaps: a bag to create as a model for every woman.