October 04, 2023

Regenesi at GenovaJeans

Regenesi, a company founded in 2008 according to the principles of circular economy, pioneer and voice of a sustainable, regenerated and innovative luxury, will be among the protagonists of the new GenovaJeans event, which from 5 to 8 October will bring the attention back on the world's most democratic and polysemic fabric.

Genova will therefore become a theatre for four days of exhibitions and meetings between manufacturers, designers, consumers and happenings that will involve not only insiders, but also the public who love jeans and their history.

Regenesi will be present with its "Regenerate your jeans" project inside the Metelino building - one of the three locations - where the Nuovi Creativi, new- who have adopted various eco-design strategies, including circular ones for the production of jeans and smart accessories, will present their projects and creations in the form of a collective exhibition in the style of works of art.

The synergy and sharing of values and mission between the Italian brand and GenovaJeans was immediate: design and innovation responsibility, creativity and culture in creating and producing, generating beauty even starting from post-consumer material. This is the statement of Regenesi, which was born thanks to the idea and intuition of entrepreneur Maria Silvia Pazzi: to generate change, promote innovation and research.

"In the spirit of our vocation, we have taken up the challenge of denim, a democratic fabric of considerable social importance, but also of considerable environmental impact, and have enhanced its original characteristics with an upcycling project that gives life to designer bags. Regenesi stands for sustainable, regenerated and innovative luxury. Giving new life to post-consumer materials has always been our mission: we transform unused raw materials into design objects and fashion accessories, made through Italian manufacturing. Once again, from the forgotten jeans at the bottom of the wardrobe, a garment that changes with time, absorbing the stories and adventures it goes through, we make a unique product blossom, which continues to tell the story of our customers with passion and new beauty.

We are thrilled to be part of the GenovaJeans project, which embraces values that are also our driving force. Today, making and generating culture is an important mission, and it is precisely by starting from history and awareness that we can look to the future with clearer eyes". Says Maria Silvia Pazzi

About Regenesi: beauty is sustainable.

Regenesi, a company founded in 2008 according to the principles of circular economy, is dedicated to regenerating of post-consumer materials by transforming them into objects and fashion accessories with innovative and completely sustainable design. Born thanks to an idea of entrepreneur Maria Silvia Pazzi, the company is now a Made in Italy excellence in the production of fashion accessories and objects for the home and office made entirely from industrial waste materials, which Regenesi gives a new life. This gives rise to product lines designed by international designers and based on a virtuous cycle of production that transforms waste into beauty, combining style, functionality and sustainable design. In 2022 Regenesi won the Sustainable Fashion Award at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week.