5 reading tips for a sustainable fall

September 27, 2023

Sustainable reading

Autumn is the season for contemplation and change, a perfect time to slow down and dive into readings that inspire us to live in harmony with our planet. 

In this article we suggest a selection of 5 books that will guide you on a journey towards sustainability whether you are passionate about ecology or simply looking for motivation for a more conscious autumn.

- Nessi e connessi by Annalisa Corrado and Rossella Muroni (Il saggiatore, 2023)

Nessi e Connessi is a true manifesto that invites us to consider the world in an interconnected way. The authors highlight how the solution to the economic, health, environmental and climate challenges we are facing requires a circular vision of life and the ecosystem: governments, companies and citizens must understand the links between the various spheres, as in the case of the circular economy, which promotes innovation, the redesigning of production processes and the rethinking of lifestyles. This reading wants to push us to overcome the idea of being isolated individuals, since existence is a constant relationship between people and experiences: only by analysing these links will we be able to face the present in an innovative, sustainable, democratic way that respects the environment and human rights.

- Carbon Almanac by Seth Godin (Penguin Business, 2022)

The Carbon Almanac, curated by Seth Godin, is a book that combines the work of volunteers from around the world to provide a definitive source of information on climate change. This book includes data, illustrations, quotes and stories that highlight the wide-ranging impact of carbon on various aspects of life, from the environment to the economy, from biodiversity to human health. It is an essential tool for those who wish to understand the challenges of sustainability and provides a solid basis for collective action against climate change.

- Tasmania by Paolo Giordano (Einaudi, 2022)

This novel tells the story of a physicist and climate change expert and links his private and relational sphere with the context in which he is surrounded: that of a country overwhelmed by the Covid-19 pandemic and threatened by environmental disasters. In this way, Tasmania becomes a refuge within which to protect oneself from the reality of the modern world's crises and their consequences. This is an intimate novel that looks inside the fears of each of us in the face of the prospects that climate change predicts.

- We are the weather: saving the planet begins at breakfast by Jonathan Safran Foer (Farrar Straus & Giroux, 2019)

This book aims to change our perspective on climate change. Through short and incisive chapters, the author conveys his key message: 'no one but us will destroy the earth, and no one but us will save it. We are the flood, we are the ark'. Safran Foer reminds us how crucial each of us is in the fight against climate change and invites us to become aware of environmental issues and adopt a more sustainable approach in our daily lives.

- The climate book by Greta Thunberg (Allen Lane, 2022)

Greta Thunberg has gathered the knowledge of over one hundred experts to provide us all with the information we need to fight climate change. Together with them, the author shares her own stories of demonstrating and discovering greenwashing around the world. The question that arises is: once we are given the full picture, how can we not act?

We hope that one of these readings will be an opportunity for your personal growth and a true step towards the awareness that the journey to a better world for all passes through each one of us.