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Why Copenaghen?

August 08, 2022

Why Copenaghen?

Urban areas are responsible for about ¾ of C02 emissions; rethinking our cities is one of the priorities for thinking about our future. This has been well understood by Copenhagen: first Carbon Neutral capital in 2025, main location for the development of Scandinavia's largest urban project, among the first cities in the 'Best of the World 2021' ranking established by National Geographic, a leading smart city in the world, Copenhagen is considered among the world's top cities in terms of achieving greater environmental sustainability.
The Danish city, thanks to the introduction of smart solutions for waste disposal, lighting and air quality, has for years been pushing its citizens to make smarter use of existing resources through not only stringent legislation that has led individuals to adopt more sustainable behaviour (suffice it to say that 85% of people now travel by bicycle every day), but also through collaborations with companies operating in different sectors (such as Cisco, for example, to develop a 'Street Lab' in the city centre with the aim of realising smartcity initiatives), and through the attraction and exploitation of events and fairs that take up the theme of circularity. Particularly during the spring months of each year, the Danish city hosts one of the world's most important events regarding sustainable fashion: the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

The author of this event is the Global Fashion Agenda, which aims to bring together leading fashion representatives to discuss and find solutions to improve the global sustainability of the textile industry. The city of Copenhagen continues to invest in an innovative approach that puts into practice the idea that it is not only possible but can also be attractive to rethink the way cities work and organise themselves, and is an exemplary city towards a more sustainable future.

For this reason, we at Regenesi think there is much to learn from a city like Copenhagen and we are proud to be part of the Italian Team by Pitti Immagine that will participate in REVOLVER COPENHAGEN INTERNATIONAL FASHION TRADE SHOW 2022 from 10 to 12 August.