September 19, 2018


Milan open the doors to the Fashion Week, trasforming the city into an open air stage of Made in Italy, a celebration of Italian craftmanship and creativity.

But do you know how was the Milan Fashion Week born and how has its language been transformed over time?

It is the 12th of February 1951, and Giovanni Battista Giorgini organized ad event to promote Italian fashion to the journalists and foreign buyers in Florence. The invite says: “The aim of the evening is to give emphasis to the value of our fashion. Ladies are keenly invited  to wear clothes of purely Italian inspiration.”

That year marks the conquest of international legitimacy for Italian fashion, the beginning of a long journey that in '70s led the city of Milan to be considered the fashion capital in the world, flanked by three other cities: New York, London and Paris.

Many things have changed since then, and now Milan is a creative soul, where the new forms of thought coexist alongside historic brands of Italian luxury.

For some years, one of the most important innovations is certainly its green vocation, that promotes the importance of environmental sustainability and ethical fashion.

There are many examples, starting from Piazza della Scala which hosts the "Green Carpet Fashion Awards", an event created in 2017 and dedicated to emerging designers of sustainable luxury, with the aim of promoting respect for the environment in the fashion world. The initiative is promoted by the Camera Nazionale della moda Italiana (CNMI) in collaboration with Eco-Age and Value Retail.

Another event with a green impact is "Milano XL - Mostra Dimostra" that recounts - through a series of installations in strategic city locations - the excellent chain production and the stories that make Made in Italy unique in the world, leaving space for reflection. In fact, the theme of sustainability is the common thread that binds the companies of every single sector of the Italian fashion system. From fashion to cosmetics, eyewear, jewellery, textiles, as well as footwear and accessories, everyone has their own story and a single, common message: now more than ever, each of us can carve out a small, big role to make a positive difference. This is the right time.

New and important values that have characterized the Regenesi philosophy, products and innovation for over ten years, which has always considered environmental sustainability as a contemporary value.

Like any other form of art, Fashion Week has transformed over time, finding ever new and current expressive ways, in a limbo made of fashion, art, innovation and modernity.