September 23, 2022


Fast fashion and the resulting change in consumer buying behavior is having a significant impact on the environmental sustainability of our planet. Compared to the early 2000s, consumers are now buying about 60 percent more garments; on average in European countries, about 16kg of clothing is bought per year. The textile waste produced each year that is landfilled or burned is about 100 million tons. Collectively reducing the purchase of products whether they are travel bags, products made from recycled fabrics, women's travel bags, shoulder bags, hand bags contributes to this enormous collective waste. Buying less and more consciously is the first key.

Going into specifics with an example, we can say that one of the major sources of pollution is the intensive cultivation of cotton, which generates 2 percent of the world's water consumption (producing a new pair of jeans requires about 2,500 gallons of water to which pesticides harmful to humans and the environment must be added).

How to bring Jeans Bags to life with a sustainable design? As Regenesi's work team, we propose to give a second life to your used jeans.

How many memories are attached to a pair of jeans that are unfortunately worn out or ruined in some way and therefore you can no longer wear them and you regret throwing them away?

Regenesi has found a way for you to always carry your memories with you.
We take your old jeans and make cool and stylish shoulder bags out of them.
This remanufactured denim bag will put us to help the environment in terms of CO2 and you to keep your memories attached to that pair of jeans you would have otherwise thrown that away in a corner of your closet or in the bin.

This collection of reclaimed jeans is the result of a collaboration with Michela Gattermayer
Minimal women's accessories finely handcrafted in Italy, embellished with stitching to make the most of every detail of the pants and offer a style with a strong visual impact, where nothing is left to chance, both on the outside and on the inside lining, where pockets acquire new functionality.

Every feature of the pants will be given maximum emphasis, offering the end customer a reinterpretation of their jeans to be amazed by. Each jean can be customized by selecting a decorative print from those proposed by Regenesi or by the retailer or with the customer's own name or phrase, in this way a totally original and unrepeatable women's strap is brought to life.