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Sustainable packaging: costumers like it more

April 24, 2017

Sustainable packaging: costumers like it more

How important is product packaging for our purchase choices?
Yes, sometimes clothes make the man!
Anyway, size, shape and color of packaging can’t seem the only elements for a successful appeal. There’s another important variable that has a great influence on costumers choices: respect for the environment.
A recent survey conducted by Tetra Pack, a company about food packaging, shows that customer’s interest in sustainable packaging is ever-growing. Always more people are influenced by eco-friendly packaging at the time of purchase.
In particular, results show that:
 • 75% of costumers is influenced by sustainable packaging
 • two thirds of respondents indicate that they buy green products even if they are more expensive
 • developing countries are more interested in sustainable packaging or green products in general. In particular 60% of Indian, Turkish, and Chinese are informed about the environmental impact of companies before purchasing their products. On the contrary, American, Japan and United Kingdom are less interested in this kind of issues
Costumers guide the sustainability of packaging. It’s estimated that sustainable packaging sector will reach the value of 440, 3 billions within 2025, with an annual growth rate around 7, 7%.
Food packaging is the more innovative sector. Edible, soluble and minimal  packaging are the most original ideas additional to intelligent packaging, (the packaging that change color when food is deteriorating)
However, sustainable packaging is only one of the elements that makes sustainability essential for companies.
Well, including sustainability in our business model in no more a choice that creates value, but it’s a strategic priority requested by environment, market and customers!