That's why a real green economy passes through the recycling of materials

March 05, 2020

That's why a real green economy passes through the recycling of materials

"When a t-shirt costs like a coffee, ask yourself who and how it is paying the price."
It is a phrase by the journalist Naomi Klein contained in her manifest-book No Logo. A strong and incredibly true quote whose response is clear to everyone and which leads us to reflect on the impact that fashion industry has on the planet.

We are in a historical period where the challenge of the future has become the challenge of the present, where sustainability is becoming a word that we find almost everywhere. For many, a formula that is more in marketing slogans than in the concrete form of a product, but not for us. But what is really sustainable?

Sustainable and ethical fashion aims at respecting the environment and mankind in every step of the production chain, from cultivation to the processing of raw materials, from production to the packaging of the finished product and transportation.
Bio, plant based, organic. Very important concepts, what is missing however, is a focus on one of the great problems of our day. We are invaded by products of all kinds destined to become unsustainable waste, and the only solution to this problem is to reinvent new materials using existing material. Not to produce new products but to create and invent using what we already have. In a word, recycle!

So, our personal answer to the question "what is really sustainable?" is: the recycling of materials! 
For years now we have dedicated ourselves to this recycling work which for us is a real regeneration.
Leather, aluminum, plastic, fabric. Each material contains many possibilities for reinvention. Like Re-Flag, Regenesi's latest collection of fashion accessories. Eco-sustainable bags, whose fabric takes shape from the recycling of plastic bottles, with colored ribbons deriving from a high fashion warehouse destined for disposal, which become a distinctive aesthetic element. Even the zipper and the thread that make up the bags are made of polyester, creating a mono-material product that is easily recyclable in turn. Is it utopia? No, just a lot of research, investment, creativity.
This, as well as all our products, are our personal answer to a question that has never been more current.
This is our vision of the future, a world in which the production of the "new" necessarily passes from a reinvention of the past.