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March 15, 2019


The recovery of waste, as resource, comes from forms of responsible conduct. That is considered obsolete and not useful to be replaced and is usually marginalized or dismissed. The real question is not in the assumed value of things but in the way they are observed and from what perspective. The resource, although crude and not easily identifiable, changes that way when his inner natural benefits are recognized. Otherwise it can be a danger. The abandonment and neglect become the destruction of a world that needs to be respected and understood in the limits of its resources and ability to repair itself. There are phenomena can be solved and tackled only by mankind, being creator and the only one who knows the solution at same time. Looking for beauty is in seeking ancient balances of harmony and integration with nature and its forms, where nothing is disposable but everything changes.

Since 2008 Regenesi transforms waste products into beautiful things by adopting circular economy policies and delivering sustainable luxury products to the world. For this reason we are happy that today the world celebrates respect for the environment thanks to the initiative of young people. For the future of all.