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The work table set which declares love to the environment

April 12, 2017

The work table set which declares love to the environment

Choosing a sustainable furniture is good not only for the environment but also for our health!
Decorating home and office with sustainable design products contributes to safeguard the planet but also to make free of toxic substances the places where we spend most of our time.
Today is in fact possible buying sustainable design objects or furniture without giving up aesthetic value. The supply of eco-sustainable products of great beauty is always wider because costumers attention for the choice of the materials has increased in recent years and industrial designers are increasingly able to make objects that are sustainable and beautiful.
The work table set designed by Giulio Iacchetti is an evidence of that.

The work table set which combines ethics and aesthetics.

At your workplace you can attain the “beautiful and sustainable” philosophy, even starting with simple but essential objects, like a pen holder or a tray … so as add originality to our work desk and care for the environment at the same time, using objects made of disposable coffee cups or molded inside linings of scrapped refrigerators” (Giulio Iacchetti)
A world in which the production of goods is increasingly interlocked with sustainability and its values, this is the idea with which the Italian designer began working with Regenesi to realize a mono-material collection marrying the circular economic approach.
The DeskOffiSet collection designed by Giulio Iacchetti is composed of three useful items to accompany the work table. A tray, a pen holder and an object holder with an essential aspect and with a two-dimensional shape.
All the objects of DeskOffiSet collection are made of regenerated plastic, a material made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic (no additives or new resins) and each sheet has a 40% smaller carbon footprint than one from virgin material. In particular the white work table set is produced by the regeneration of the inner parts of scrapped refrigerators. The dark version is produced by the regeneration of disposable coffee cups from vending machines. A circular approach which treats waste as a resource and not as a problem and according to which each products can satisfy more than one need by changing its functionalities and regaining its dignity without becoming waste!
A modern and innovative choice for those who know that sustainability goes also through their office!