DEEP RENAISSANCE: the new video by Silvia Chiodin for Regenesi

Juni 14, 2018

Video by Silvia Chiodin for Regenesi

“Movements that make you breathe. It is the magic of life; it is the poetry of becoming. (Essential, concrete, eternal)

The emotion of light (And the glitter of reflections)

The indefinite background which is both the sky and the depths of the sea evokes a "non-space" which is all possible worlds.

It is the possibility of a beauty that the form - these forms - turns into substance. Suspended in an instant.

Born again. Come back to life. One or infinite times it doesn't change. It's Re-genesis."

This is the poetic thought that accompanies Regenesi's new video "Deep Renaissance". The Italian company which since 2008 has given new life to recycled materials such as aluminium, plastic, leather, fabrics, cardboard, rubber and glass, transforming them into objects and accessories with an innovative and completely sustainable design, to celebrate its first ten years has decided to tell each other in a new and different way, less didactic and more emotional, to celebrate all the beauty of rebirth.

“When I started working on the idea of ​​one or more films for Regenesi, I concentrated on the concept from which the product was born: the design of shapes and sustainability, the poetry of rebirth which is also economy and beauty.” Explains Silvia Chiodin: "The concept of beauty at 360° is a theme that is very dear to me, and I was very stimulated by the idea that the Regenesi collections are beautiful "in the round", not only for their shapes, but for the value and the values ​​that they embody and represent, because in essence they are an absolute good, in the sense that they are also good for those who will simply appreciate their genesis, for what they are for our world and our culture". 

“Knowing Silvia and her sensitivity that led her to become an expert in multidisciplinary communication, I found it natural to entrust her with the debut of Regenesi on video. There could be no better person to interpret sustainable beauty. His poetic language excites me and perfectly reflects the sophisticated research and special manufacturing process that gives new life to waste,” adds Maria Silvia Pazzi. “The images in this video captured all the magic of the transformation of matter into Regenesi”.  

The experience of many underwater shots gave Chiodin the concept of the video: the purity of water, water as regeneration and the vision of plates, underplates and bowls in regenerated aluminum from the Regenesi lines that float suspended once immersed , creating surprising and unexpected choreographies that enhance the silvery elegance of the Alutable collection, designed by Denis Santachiara, created by regenerating the aluminum of used cans.  

The indefinite background which is both the sky and the depths of the sea evokes a "non-space" which is all possible worlds. A scenic effect made possible by the magical native slow motion shots in the waters of Y-40, the deepest thermal pool in the world in Montegrotto Terme, on a full moon night in mid-March by Fabio Ferioli, a very skilled cameraman and director of photography who underwater has its own environment of choice. 

The video can be viewed on the new Regenesi website 

CUSTOMER Regenesi for ALUTABLE collection designed by Denis Santachiara 
ART DIRECTION Maria Silvia Pazzi and Silvia Chiodin
DIRECTOR Silvia Chiodin 
CAMERAMEN and DoP Fabio Ferioli 
LOCATION Y-40 – Hotel Millepini – Montegrotto Terme (PD)