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Entering the world of Regenesi means espousing principles of transparency, circularity, and regeneration. Since 2008, we have believed that the future of fashion and design is exclusively eco. Every year, tons of unused materials are produced that can be fed into new production cycles. Carefully transforming post-consumer raw materials is our first value. 


Infinite solutions for infinite regenerations

For Regenesi, waste is a resource with infinite qualities, it is able to take on new, functional and valuable forms through made-in-Italy design that takes care of every detail.
A few examples? 100 cans become a designer plate; regenerated leather is used in the creation of iconic style bags or origami-inspired furnishing objects; rubber from playgrounds is used to give life to exclusive indoor carpets; and the scraps from MotoGP drivers' cars and suits are re-molded into luxury and lifestyle accessories.


Regenesi certifications

Regenesi creations are certified ReMade in Italy®, a certification scheme accredited by Accredia and specifically aimed at recycling. Our products have obtained A+ and A classifications, as they are made with the maximum use of materials obtained through recycling operations according to current regulations. For the recovery of raw materials, we interface exclusively with small companies that take care of environmental processes and do not use toxic substances.


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