DAINESE BY REGENESI credit card holder smart

  • This DAINESE BY REGENESI credit card holder is crafted from leather. The dynamic detailing reflects the speed and the tumultuous great outdoors that attracts so many to motorcycling.

    Images are for illustrative purposes only. Every product is a unique piece crafted from Dainese suits worn on the racetrack and there may, therefore, be variations in color and decoration.

  • A result of our collaboration with Dainese, the leading manufacturer of protective gear and clothing for motorcycling. These unique products are made from the racing suits of the world's top motorcyclists. We collect suits that the riders have worn during championship races or tests and our Italian master craftsmen turn them into luxury and lifestyle garments and accessories for you. This is not only an excellent and low-carbon means of recycling, but our production process preserves the individual characteristics of each worked piece of leather, allowing you the chance to own a genuine piece of track history.

  • Size: 14cm x 10cm
    Designer: The Regenesi Design Factory
    Material: Dainese biker suit leather